Discover matchINVEST for Professionals

Managing your client portfolio efficiently requires cutting-edge tools. With its multi-account functionalities and its robust matching engine, matchINVEST addresses the needs of professionals of all sizes and scope.

Find the right partner quickly.

  • Our Strategic Fit search engine does all the heavy lifting so you find the right partner quicker.
  • Rich business criteria that match your business context
  • A database containing the best opportunities on a nation wide level.

Exchange securely.

  • Your information are stored securely.
  • Define your clients' profile confidentiality level.
  • Your data is securely hosted on swiss servers.

Easy multi-account management.

  • Switch from one client account to the next in just one click.
  • Collaborate and share your business opportunities within your organisation
  • Easily manage your client portfolio with a single login

matchINVEST is committed to a neutral and independent marketplace.

Ethics Policy